Special requests from the wife :)

My wife is infamous for making an offhand remark regarding some wish for a type of food, and I am infamous for saying “I can do that!”

The request this weekend was two fold.

She wanted a veggie type pizza, and that sparked an idea. Here goes…

preheated oven to 450 degrees
I sauteed a small zucchini, yellow bell peppers, and mushrooms in a little olive oil.

meanwhile I stretched a pizza dough from Johnny 50’s (Clifton, CO) and brushed a little olive oil and sprinkled it with garlic salt. I then added the covered the dough with mozzarella and added the veggies (segregating the mushrooms per a spousal request). Baked for 11 minutes on a stoneware pizza pan and then for another 5 minutes on the oven rack (to crisp the crust).

oh yeah and because it is what I do… I added bacon bits on top.

It was delicious! If I can make this at home with the dough from Johnny 50’s imagine what they can do with it. Support local business http://www.johnny50s.com/

The second “fold” was a quick meal for my father in law (diabetic). He is not eating any bread. I used the same ingredients as the pizza in a hot skillet melting the mozzarella in to a makeshift no-carb crust.

Step in to the kitchen and make yourself something delicious!



About Trace Hillman

I am a dad, husband, and a food guy.. I love the idea of bringing people together and having real food.
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