Oats – not just for breakfast anymore!

Oats – not just for breakfast anymore!

I am always trying to find ways to improve the diet of my family, and often I am thanked with sneers and turned up noses, but I persevere. I remember hating things that my dad tried to feed me and now I like most of them. So I continue to add them to the menu and maybe they stick now and maybe they stick later.

It is official, you can ask anyone who is around me, I am obsessed with oats. Note that I did not say oatmeal. I am not buying that whole “Quaker oats are good for you” junk and I sure as hell am not buying flavored/colored instant oats. If that it your thing, good for you, but I would be willing to bet that you have not had real rolled oats cooked properly with amazing flavor possibilities.

My oats are better than yours, just sayin’.

This idea came upon me when reading about a savory oat recipe from Mark Bittman, he suggested oats with soy sauce and scallions, now while I have not been able to bring my self to add soy sauce, i have found a few other ingredients that may seem just as strange.
My first foray is listed on my blog (www.cookingwithtrace.blogspot.com) and it is a recipe for savory oats that include honey and chili sauce. They can be eaten as a side dish or for breakfast, lunch, etc. The ingredients and instructions are listed below.

In the meantime, if you are interested here are some ideas for other taste combinations:
Peanut butter and bananas
Peanut butter and coconut (unsweetened)
Chili-honey sauce
Apple and cinnamon (substitute half of the water for apple juice)
Chicken and vegetables (use chicken broth instead of water and add cooked chicken, with your choice of vegetables)

Savory Oats, well almost!
1 cup rolled thick cut oats
1 cup water
2 tbls honey
2 tbls chili sauce (found in the Asian food section)
pinch of salt

Bring the salted water to a rolling boil, add oats and return to boil for approximately 1-2 minutes (I like them al dente). Remove to bowl and stir in butter, mix chili sauce and honey together (makes a delicious dipping sauce as well) drizzle over your oats, and enjoy.

My next experiement is:
Coffee oatmeal (instead of water cook the oats in coffee, add sweetener and cream/milk).

Caffeinated oats… now that has to be a winning idea!

Go cook something.


www.cookingwithtrace.blogspot.com or find me on facebook (search for cooking with trace)


About Trace Hillman

I am a dad, husband, and a food guy.. I love the idea of bringing people together and having real food.
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One Response to Oats – not just for breakfast anymore!

  1. Okay, I am just tempted enough to try savory oats. I'm not an oat or oatmeal person and generally only choose it when we've run out of every other food in the house. And since I'm addicted to soy sauce and all things Asian, I might just have to try it on the family, too!

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