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Bacon Jam… oh yeah!

I have found the apex of porkdom! Bacon Jam… apparently there a company in Texas that makes this delicacy, but I had never heard of it,  until I found “NotQuiteNigella” ( She made a comment about bacon jam and I … Continue reading

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Cooking is not difficult! – Latest article from The Source

I hear all the time about people that do not have time to cook, or do not have the ability/talent/skill to cook and I say hogwash! Rachael Ray has nothing on me! 30 minute meals are the norm in my … Continue reading

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Fried Green Tomatoes, for Esther!

Fried Green Tomatoes!  I am not sure that these would be the same as the ones served at the Whistle Stop Café, but I thought they were pretty tasty.  Esther, this one is for you! Being born and partially raised … Continue reading

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Help me with a recipe, please????

So I had this idea for a potato casserole, and j think that it turned out, well ok but not great. So I am asking for suggestions because I think this could be amazing, but I not sure which direction … Continue reading

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Olive Garden’s chicken gnocchi soup from Copykat recipes

So we love the Olive Garden… but we usually make it out the door with a tab of $25 including tip! How can we do that you ask? Are you only feeding one person? no, and no! We, my family … Continue reading

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