I am eating like a caveman…

I know that some of you that have had the pleasure of sharing a table are not surprised by this revelation… but I am talking about the food, not the way I look when I eat it!

Primal, paleo, caveman… (insert Tim “The toolman” Taylor grunts here) is a change from the way most of our country eats. 
Food that “Grok the caveman”* would not eat: Flour, oats, refined sugar, pasta, processed food, high starch vegetables, beans (including peanuts), etc…
Food that “Grok the caveman”* would eat: Meat (grass fed beef, pork, chicken, fish), low starch vegetables, mushrooms, tree nuts, unsweetened coconut, butter, etc.
Fruit is allowed in moderation as well, making this a fairly low carb plan. Which is good for me as a diabetic (type II)… but traditional dietary guidelines would say that I need grains, and I need to cut out/limit beef, coconut, butter, etc. 
For every study that you can find that shows that high fat diets are bad for you, we can find a study that shows that high carbohydrate diets are just as bad… I think it comes down to you.. yes you! Take some time, determine what foods agree with you, what foods make you feel bad, adjust and keep moving forward. I would have never thought that wheat was giving me any trouble, but when I stopped eating it, I stopped taking ibuprofen every day for my aching joints… 
Is it easy? Ummmm kinda-ish? It is easy at times, at home, I have a reasonable portion of beef, or pork, and a side dish of cauliflower (mashed, or roasted, or steamed… ), but when I try to eat at a restaurant it becomes more difficult.. I have to order foods that are not easy to hide ingredients in (order 2 eggs over medium and you get two eggs, order and omelet and you could wind up with pancake batter to make them fluffier).  
Snacking is interesting, because I love peanut butter, and that is technically roasted bean paste… but there are alternatives such as almond butter, eggplant dip, etc.
The screams I hear are: No cereal? No pasta? No convenience foods? My response… quit your bellyachin’! Give it a try, do some research and maybe you will find a better way to fuel your body… 
Check out a couple of these sites for inspiration:
www.marksdailyapple.com*(creator of Grok the caveman)
Let me know if you are trying something.. and I will be posting some ideas and recipes soon on www.cookingwithtrace.com
Now go forage something.. Trace

About Trace Hillman

I am a dad, husband, and a food guy.. I love the idea of bringing people together and having real food.
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2 Responses to I am eating like a caveman…

  1. Donna says:

    Thank you for this post. Moderation, of course, is the key to any guideline. For a country as increasingly overweight as the United States, it's obvious that what's recommended for all, doesn't work for all. But, nobody will admit it. Those of us who listen to our bodies know how much we can eat and when, and what we can tolerate. I enjoy your blog. Thanks!

  2. Trace says:

    Thanks Donna! I appreciate the feedback!

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