Grain free banana chocolate crepes…

An experiment gone great!
I read about these pancakes on Pinterest, you take a banana and mash it with two eggs, then cook like silver dollar pancakes. They were tasty, but I thought what else could I do with this process and crepes were the answer!
Crepes ( /ˈkrp/) are a thin eggy pancake that can have either a savory or sweet filling, and they are delicious. I think that the process is a little daunting because they are very delicate and if you are used to a heartier product then it can be frustrating to attempt these at home. You can purchase a crepe panor a crepe griddle, but if you have a good nonstick pan you can make them at home. 
Typically the batter has eggs, flour, butter, and milk, but since I am trying to eliminate grain from my diet this recipe is right up my alley!
I visited D.C. last spring and right outside the metro station was a little market with different vendors including a crepe stand. They are so nonchalant about preparing the crepe from pouring and spreading the batter to flipping and filling with whatever your heart desires. It looks easy, but once you taste the light and delicious but so very fragile dish, you will want more!
Crepes are popping up a little more often now, from our local farmer’s market in Grand Junction to the Halloween festival at Palisade High School (fundraiser for the French club), and people are going nuts over them.
Filling the crepe has no limits:
  • Ham and Swiss with either a Dijon mayonnaise or a thin raspberry jam
  • Nutella with strawberries and bananas
  • Thin sliced turkey and cranberry sauce
And the list goes on and on.
Photo courtesy of my Iphone 4s
Grain free banana chocolate crepes
1 banana
2 eggs
Pinch of salt
Butter for the pan
Filling: 60% cacao Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips
Mash the banana and then mix in the eggs until you have a consistent batter.
Heat a heavy bottomed nonstick skillet (8 inch) over very low heat. You want the butter to melt but not brown. Once the butter is completely melted, pour in enough better to coat the bottom in a thin layer. Let the crepe cook slowly until the top starts to become solid, then carefully flip. At this point you can slide out on to a plate and start your next crepe (this recipe should make 2-3). 
While the next crepe is cooking sprinkle about 10-15 chocolate chips on the cooked crepe and roll gently. Repeat with the rest of the crepes. Enjoy!
Let me know if you try this and what worked for you! 
Maintenant, allez faire cuire quelque chose!

About Trace Hillman

I am a dad, husband, and a food guy.. I love the idea of bringing people together and having real food.
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