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A Tribute…

As printed in “The Source” April 2013 There is a lot to be said for family. You can be away for a very long time and when you return it is like you were never gone. You can discover that … Continue reading

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Holidays in the kitchen…

Thanksgiving is over and I am assuming that everyone has recovered from their food coma… No? Well get ready, because now we have to contend with holiday parties, cookie exchanges, and still more holiday dinners. Man, do we love to … Continue reading

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Hey it is Wednesday, the kids are hungry, feed them maybe? (thank you Carly Rae Jepsen)

I am tired… Between my youngest turning 9, a freshman in marching band, teaching elementary kids to cook, oh and that pesky 40 hours a week that I have to spend making money… I am plum tuckered out!  What about … Continue reading

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Waffle Iron obssession?? nah just apples

So apparently I am a little addicted to my waffle iron, I made cinnamon toast for my youngest son, this morning… and while I was cooking my eggs, I thought… ohh baked apples. so…. I sliced a small gala apple … Continue reading

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Cooking Matters Class 10/25/11

Visiting the Cooking Matters class on Tuesday night was a lot of fun. The energy from the Chef Educator Bob Ballantyne (from the Cowboy and the Rose Catering) was incredible and the students were fun, engaging, and willing to learn. … Continue reading

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Cook with your kids! Article from April edition of Your Valley Source

A long long time ago… I can still remember when the onions used to make me cry… ok so they still make me cry, but I can chop them faster now, and it is an excellent excuse to get some … Continue reading

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Cooking for the future…..

Cooking for the future… Sounds pretty cool right? Nah… I am just talking about cooking a big recipe and then freezing it for later. You can find all types of recipes on the web for all types of food. You … Continue reading

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