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New year! New banana bread…

Almond meal? What the heck is that? It is ground almonds. Simple as that… almond flour is ground blanched almonds, and almond meal is just ground almonds. Not just chopped nuts… but ground into a consistency somewhere between cornmeal and … Continue reading

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Zuppa! Hello November! Fall is in full swing and winter is just hanging back waiting for the right time to strike. So what does all that hyperbole mean??? It is soup weather! Don’t argue with me or “No Soup For … Continue reading

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Holy Squash!

Summer and the never ending squash… as seen in The Source ( July 2012 I know that by the end of the summer most people are sick and tired of zucchini, but not me. I am readyfor the plethora of … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!… Resolutions suck!

Every year people everywhere vow to make changes to theirlives. Everything from bad habits (smoking, cussing, etc.) to desires forimprovements (give to charity more, donate my time, etc.) and I think thatresolving to do something better for you is a … Continue reading

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Pork, Potatoes, and Veggies

Pork, potatoes, and veggies 10 oz broccoli, cauliflower, & carrots in cheddar cheesesauce 12 oz all natural broccoli cuts 1 lb pork loin (sliced into 4 or 5 chops) 10 oz sweet potato medallions 12 ounce Russet potato cubed 1 … Continue reading

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Cranberry Salsa

 I love the fact that my friends know that I dig food. So they send me their ideas, their musings, and most importantly their recipes.  This is one of those times. Brendan sent me a quick note about cranberry salsa. … Continue reading

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Fuel Glorius Fuel!!! and fries…

Breaking down food into fuel is a difficult process. Not physically, your body is quite capable of breaking down food and using the components for fuel, the problem is making sure that you always choose the best type of fuel.  … Continue reading

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